Crafted Ruby 手工寶石紅茶(有機)


Our tea master handcrafted this sweet roasted organic black tea. Through the crafts, he created a light cinnamon spice leaving a smooth finish on the palate.

No blends or infusions are needed. Design for making milk tea lovers.

Taste Profile: Toasted Caramel, Cinnamon, Smooth


[ 甜蜜烘烤焦糖 、麥芽甜肉桂香、純飲或煮奶茶 ]

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The hybrid between Burma Assamica and Taiwanese wild tea, mainly for making premium black tea.

It is not the perfectly exquisite whole leaf tea, but the tea garden management is perfect. The owner of the tea garden takes very good care of the tea plants where the beautiful natural tastes come from. We are what we eat, so does the tea plant.


Ingredients : Pure Black tea

Yuchi, Nantou | 800m  

Product of Taiwan

Organic farming (certified in Taiwan)

Summer harvest

Handcrafted in small batch, 

Fully oxidation, Mid-to-deep roasted






品種:台茶18號 紅玉 (半碎形)



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Weight 0.05 kg

50g, 100g (without tea tin)


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