Silk Dancer 高山舞者絲滑烏龍


The light milky aroma and the creamy silky aftertaste is the main character of Jin-Xuan cultivar. It’s known as Milky Oolong, but ours is not the scented tea. The taste and aroma are purely from the tea itself. Handcrafted by the award-winning tea family in Taiwan.

Taste profile: Smooth, Buttery, White Flower


[ 淡雅白花香 、自帶天然品種奶香、口感清爽圓滑、適合天天喝 ]


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This tea is from the same maker as Master Amber (in our Master series). The same type of tea cultivar, just a different processing method, which keeps the “green” (catechin). So the tastes of these two teas are totally different.

The high altitude of Ali mountain slows plant growth, giving a great complexity and flavor concentration in the tea. It is well-crafted by the award-winning tea family in Taiwan. It has warm sugary, layered floral aromas with a creamy feel from Jin-Xuan tea.


Ingredients : Pure Oolong tea

Mt. Ali, Chiayi, 1200m

Environmentally friendly farming 

Product of Taiwan

Machine-picked, Handcrafted

Light oxidation, Light roast






產地:嘉義 台灣

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